Steve Jobs

Recently bought Steve Jobs, by Walter Isaacson. Can’t wait to read this.

“2D Design Project, 2011.”



Week 15 (Digital Fundamentals Course)

I really felt the online digital fundamentals course was effective, I learned a lot about dreamweaver and building websites, hopefully there will be a follow up on how to establish our page as an actual website with a web address this week.  I had a great instructor and loved how he made a constant effort to make sure we understood everything each week throughout the course.  I enjoyed the projects and lucky didn’t have much trouble throughout the semester.

Next Semeter I am taking…

3D Concepts and Techniques with Rizo

Drawing 2 with Malone

Composition 2 with Christine Lahey

& Typography 2 with Michelle Lannoo

I enjoyed Digital Fundamentals online, Thanks for everything Sean!


Artist Statement (Week 14)

As a creative thinker, I simply choose to do work because it is my passion. I have had the privilege of growing up with some of the most inspiring and talented artists. If I’ve learned anything from these people, it is that true passion is the key to life. With true passion, nothing will ever stand in your way and no matter who you are, where you come from or what you do, only you have control over how you are perceived in your profession. My work is primarily achieved through a main concept. Throughout my experience as an artist I’ve always tried to focus on incorporating new skills, elements and education to my work. I trust my instincts as an artist and stay engaged with other students and professors to better my overall abilities and skills. I try to stick to very simple and sophisticated designs, always working to make my compositions clear and easy to understand.  I try to do this while incorporating my own flare and style to the design. My recent work at CCS has mostly reflected on my major. I’ve tried to use the new skills and techniques learned in my recent courses to better my skills and judgement as a designer. During my time at CCS, I hope to establish a second nature in these skills. In comparing my previous work from two or three years ago to my work now I see many changes and improvements. As an artist, I feel that it is extremely important to stay open-minded in life and live in sight of the statement that “there is always have something to learn from other people.” 

Week 13!

This week in digital fundamentals, I made a custom logo and business card shown below. I used the pen tool layered effects to achieve the look.  I wanted to make the business card simple and sophisticated yet creative!  I think I achieved this.  I used dreamweaver to enter in my business card, as well as CCS rules and a email link.  However, it wasn’t working too well for me?  I tried to re-do it several times and followed the directions exactly, so I hope it’s ok for now.

Thank you!



Business Card-


Week 12!

This week for digital fundamentals, I had to vector in a self portrait in illustrator.  I also had to add images and a biography to my html website next to my vector image.  I found the adobe videos helpful however, the site Adobe Kuler gave me some trouble with downloading color palettes. I ended up typing them in by hand myself.  I redid my superhero project as well today, and although it was very time consuming I love the turn out.

Happy Thanksgiving!




Week 11!

This week for digital fundamentals, I used 7 of my best and most recent compositions and sized them on photoshop and adobe bridge for my html website. I created a CCS rule for “content” which was pretty easy due to the videos Sean posted last week. I also finished my Wacom Tablet Project this week! Yay! So, I’m caught up and excited to see whats coming next week. I’m also hoping to get more feedback on this superhero project so I have enough time to make it interesting!

Thanks, Sam.

Week 10

This week in digital fundamentals, I used adobe illustrator and photoshop to create a header and navigation bar for my html website. My header consisted of Red, White and Black colors that match the background I made in photoshop last week. I used several brush and anchor tools to map out an interesting look for my header. I also used text to build structure within the background of the header as well lots of strokes and lines. I created 3 brushes out of text and lines that I used in the header and listed my name and website. In photoshop, I decided to make my navigation bar more simple so that it would look nice underneath the header in the website. I used dreamweaver to create rules and links for my site and also used the videos Sean Evans posted to help me with week 10, HUGE HELP! Thank you! I am happy with the way my site looks so far, and interested in developing it throughout the next few weeks.

Thanks, Sam.

Week 9!

This week in digital fundamentals, I learned how to make a custom background in photoshop and get started on creating my website in Dreamweaver.  For creating my custom background in photoshop, I used my own images- one of me, and various others from a trip I took to Chicago, IL.  I used the magnetic lasso tool in photoshop to crop and proportion my images so they could fit together nicely as a composition.  I used lots of transparency in my primary images as well as layered effects such as, vivid light, hard light, overlay and divide.  I also used lots of text throughout my background.  This text resembled me and my major at CCS- it says my name, college for creative studies and the phrase “advertisement. media. imagery.”  I also choose to use text within a majority of the background, the text displays “social networking” within the columns of images- again underling my interest and major. I used transparency to make the text fade out as it goes up the image in each tile picture or column.  I decided to choose to the color red to mask the entire piece, it is one of my favorite colors and I choose it because I think it works well with the composition and gives it a lot of energy.  Overall, I am happy with my background and love that it reflects my major and interest in AD.  I had no trouble using dreamweaver or photoshop!


Thank you!